The perfect meal plan in seconds

Here's How It Works

  1. Select your goal. Whether you're looking to lose weight, gain weight or just want to eat healthily, Meal Plan Maker is able to generate a plan for you!

  2. Input your metrics. By providing basic details - like your age and current weight - we can generate a meal plan that's perfectly tailored to you.

  3. Tell us your dietary restrictions. We can adjust your meal plan to exclude things like gluten, meat or dairy.


How does MPM work?
MPM uses the data points you enter to generate a customized meal plan. The system uses a sophisticated algorithm based on the requirements you set to generate your plan.
What will the meal plan look like?
The plan shows 7 or 30 days of meals along with nutritional information and basic preparation instructions.
How much does the meal plan cost? Are there monthly fees?
Most customized meal plans can cost you hundreds of dollars. With MPM, each time you generate a 7 or 30-day meal plan we charge a one-time $9.99 or $19.99(USD) fee respectively—less than the cost of one evening dining out.
Do you offer a refund?
Because the product we provide is digital in nature, and therefore cannot be returned to us after it has been released to you, no refunds will be given.
Can I generate multiple meal plans?
Yes, but each plan requires a seperate account.
What is the purpose of my account?
Your account is used to view and download your meal plan. It can be accessed anytime without limit. Your username and password are the same you used when generating your first meal plan.
Do you filter for allergens?
MPM can filter out meals containing dairy, shellfish, wheat, gluten, meat, soy or nuts. If you are sensitive to these or other allergens, please double-check your meal plan before consuming any food items and adjust the meals accordingly.
Are workout routines included?
Not at this time, but check back in the future for added features.
Do you offer vegetarian, vegan or other specialty diets?
Some food types can be filtered. We are currently working on adding meal plans for specialty diets. We appreciate your patience.
I have a medical condition that requires a specific diet. Can I still use MPM?
MPM does not currently generate plans based on any medical condition. However, you can take your MPM plan to your medical professional to make adjustments as needed. Do not start a meal plan or exercise routine without first consulting a medical professional.
If I follow my meal plan am I guaranteed to achieve my personal health and fitness goals?
MPM can only generate a meal plan based on the information you input. We strive to generate a customized meal plan that fits your stated goal. However, no meal plan can perfectly predict your needs and adjustments may need to be made since everyone is unique. You should additionally seek the guidance of a certified nutritionist, personal trainer and medical professional to help you reach your goal.
Do I need to take other supplements, vitamins and minerals along with my meals?
The only dietary supplement we include in our plans is protein powder which many health and fitness enthusiasts find to be a convenient addition. Unless recommended by a medical professional, no additional supplements are required.
Do I have to use “organic” foods or shop at specialty grocery stores?
No. All of the ingredients in our plans can be purchased in your local supermarket.
Can those under 18 use MPM?
No one under the age of 13 is permitted to use MPM. Those 13-17 are permitted to use the website with their parents’ or guardians’ permission and after consulting with a medical professional.

More Questions?

Shoot an email to [email protected] and we'll be happy to help!